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The answer is here.

We have compiled this FAQ based on every question we have been asked, so hopefully the answer to your question should be here. To help you find it, we have grouped the questions together into sections.

In the event that your question is not answered on this page you can always contact our Customer Service team through our contact form.

Section 1: About the Hip Thruster

1. Why use the Hip Thruster?

The Hip Thruster is a standalone unit that enables the hip thrust exercise to be performed safely and comfortably. The Hip Thruster incorporates the bench within the unit. This ensures that the bench is secure and can’t move during the exercise. The unit has pins that enable the use of resistance bands, free weights, or a combination of bands and free weight in order to increase glute muscle activation, thereby maximizing tension on the glutes and producing a serious glute pump. We've tested every exercise out there, and there's simply no better way to activate and strengthen the glutes.

2. I don’t have much space available. Is there a smaller version?

The Hip Thruster is only made in one size. However, two wheels and a handle make it simple to move the Hip Thruster. When not it use it can be easily slid under a bed/car/other equipment or stood up on its end beside the wall so that it only takes up the height of the back rest in floor space.

3. Is the back rest height adjustable?

The platform for the back is non-adjusting. The final design contained no adjusting or moving parts so that it would be much more robust, increasing the longevity of the Hip Thruster.

The back height has been determined as ideal for the vast majority of individuals, although a few people with shorter torsos find they need to start from a raised position. This is most easily achieved by slightly raising the barbell height and/or by sliding up into a starting position and then not touching the floor in the bottom position between each repetition.

4. Would it be better with a pivoting/rocking back pad?

We had a prototype with a pivoting/rocking/tilting back pad but in testing it felt strange to the lifters. Instead we have "cupped" the padding around the back pad so that it feels incredibly comfortable and natural when you hip thrust. By removing all moving parts from the final design the Hip Thruster the unit also has less potential to be damaged during shipping and is more durable.

5. Why is the foot pad flat and not angled?

The angled foot pad is slightly better for hamstring activation, but it doesn't alter activation of the gluteus maximus muscle. The flat foot plate is more functional for barbell hip thrusting. It has also ensured that the unit is more cost-effective and replicates the thrusting position that most lifters already use.

6. How many band pins does the Hip Thruster come with?

In addition to the fixed T-bar band pegs, the Hip Thruster product includes 2 extra pins/pegs so that you can attach your resistance bands to the unit by the footplate.

7. Can I buy the Hip Thruster anywhere else?

At present we are the only retailer of Hip Thrusters, as it has been designed and patented by us.

Section 2: Purchasing

1. How do I purchase the Hip Thruster?

Just click on “Buy Now” above and add the Hip Thruster to your shopping cart. You can increase the quantities in your cart as required and then checkout.

You will be taken to the checkout page to provide your payment details and review your purchase (with shipping costs added), add a discount code if you have one, and confirm your purchase.

2. Are there discounts available for orders of multiple units?

If you want to purchase 5 or more units, you are eligible for our distributor discounts. Learn more and request a quote on the distributor page.

3. Will there be a budget version produced in the future?

To ensure the highest quality for the equipment the costs of manufacturing are equally high. We are currently unable to produce a budget version as this could compromise on quality and lead to failure of the equipment.

4. Can I pay in stages or by two different methods?

We're not set up to accept stage or split payments. If you need to wait until you have the money saved up and can make the purchase as a single payment don't worry – our Hip Thrusters will still be here.

5. Can I use credit/debit card?

When you checkout, you will have the option to make your payment by credit/debit card or with a Paypal account.

Section 3: Shipping and delivery

1. How much does shipping cost for the Hip Thruster?

Shipping to the lower 48 states in the USA costs $99 per unit. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii cost $299 per unit. Please note that we are currently unable to ship to Puerto Rico.

2. I don't live in the USA. Can I purchase a Hip Thruster?

Canadian residents can purchase units directly from our US manufacturer, Sorinex. Please contact richie [at] sorinex.com requesting a Hip Thruster quote and including the following information:

1. Name
2. Contact telephone number
3. Number of units you want to purchase
4. Shipping address
5. Shipping postal code
6. Telephone number for the courier

    The Hip Thruster is available in the rest of the world from the Hip Thruster Europe team. Please click here to check out their current shipping destinations.

    3. How long will it take to deliver a Hip Thruster to me if I order it today?

    Delivery of your Hip Thruster is currently estimated to take up to 2 weeks after placing your order. You will be sent an email with tracking details when your Hip Thruster is shipped to you.

    4. Can I arrange for delivery sooner than 2 weeks?

    Due to the manufacturing process we are unable to guarantee a shorter delivery window at present. However, we do ship units out as soon as they are ready.

    5. Can I set a date for when my Hip Thruster will arrive?

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer specified delivery dates.

    6. I placed my order with an incorrect shipping address. Can I change it?

    Unfortunately we do need the correct shipping address to register at the time of order for our own insurance purposes. We are not able to amend this at a later point in time, even if you log in and make changes to your delivery address. If you do use the wrong address please notify us within 24 hours of placing the order. We should then be able to cancel the order and refund you so that you can place a new order with us showing the correct shipping address.

    7. How can I track the progress of my order?

    On placing your order you will receive an email from us to confirm that we have received your order. As soon as we receive your order we start the process of manufacturing your order. Once your Hip Thruster has shipped you will receive another email from us with your shipment tracking details on it. This will allow you to track the shipping of your order. Please do not contact us for an update in the meantime as we will not be able to provide any information other than the maximum 2 week window.

    8. I've received my Hip Thruster. How do I put it together?

    The assembly instructions can be viewed here.

    Section 4: Cancellations and damaged products

    1. Can I cancel my order once it is placed?

    We sincerely hope that you are completely happy with your Hip Thruster, but please make a note of our cancellation policy.

    1. If you, the customer, have not yet received the product and simply do not want the item, you will be refunded the original sales price minus $100 restocking fee. If you cancel the order too late for us to cancel shipment of the product then you will be responsible for proper packaging and shipping costs in both directions in order to receive a refund. Item(s) must arrive at the manufacturer in good, saleable condition before the refund will be given.

    2. If the product arrives in good shape, has no structural defect, and is a standard product (color, dimensions, options), and you, the customer simply do not want the item, you will be refunded the original sales price minus $100 restocking fee. You, the customer, will be responsible for proper packaging and shipping costs in both directions in order to receive a refund. Item(s) must arrive at the manufacturer in good, saleable condition before the refund will be given.

    3. If the product is used, has no defect, and you, the customer simply do not want the item, no refund will be given.

    2. I’ve already placed an order but it hasn’t arrived yet. If I cancel it, will I still be charged the restocking fee?

    Unless you contact us within 24 hours of placing the order, your order is likely to have already been placed with the manufacturer and will be in the process of being built. Once the build process has begun it is not possible for us to cancel the product build so we will need to charge you the $100 fee for restocking the item.

    3. What happens if my Hip Thruster arrives damaged?

    If the unit arrives damaged, we will of course provide you with a replacement for the damaged parts. Please note that since the damage will likely have arisen during shipping, we need to provide our shipping company with evidence of the damage in a timely manner. Therefore, to receive a replacement free of charge, you must contact us to report the damage within 7 days of receipt of the unit and you must include photos of the damage and outside packaging. Items arriving showing any damage to the outside packaging should be signed for as "damaged". If you report any damage to us after 7 days of receiving the unit, or do not provide photos of the the damaged parts and packaging, we will need to charge you for the replacement parts and the associated shipping costs.

    4. What happens if my Hip Thruster fails due to a defect?

    If the product arrives in good shape (no scratches, dents or defects), and later fails because of manufacturer's structural defect, contact us immediately, and we will repair or replace at our expense.

    Section 5: Resistance bands, bar padding and other equipment

    1. Do I need a particular brand of resistance band?

    Many different resistance bands should work well with The Hip Thruster. So far we've only tested the large bands sold by Elitefts, Sorinex and Pullum Sports, so those are the only ones we can vouch for.

    2. Do I need to use bar padding?

    The need for bar padding is very dependent on personal preference and the pelvic anatomy of each individual. We find that some people need substantial amounts of padding on the bar while others can hip thrust with nothing at all.

    3. What type of bar padding should I get?

    The correct choice of bar padding depends on the individual and is most probably influenced by their bony pelvic anatomy. We find that some prefer the Airex Balance pad, some the squat sponge, and some the Hampton thick bar pad. In the UK, many also find the thick York barbell pad comfortable. Overall the squat sponge seems most popular but we find that some people seem fine with one type of bar pad while a different type of pad leaves them bruised. Some individuals also put a towel underneath the padding and find that this helps.

    4. How do I get into position in the unit? Do I need matting to raise the barbell off the floor?

    Whether you need something under the barbell so that you can roll the barbell over your legs will depend on the height of the barbell off the floor and the height of your legs off the floor. It is worth noting that when sat within the unit you are sat on the floor. If you are currently able to roll the bar into position over your legs then it is likely that you could still do this when using the Hip Thruster.

    There are several alternative solutions to getting into or out of the unit if you don't have matting to raise the barbell height. Bret Contreras has written several posts on this topic on his blog. You can find the main one by following this link: http://bretcontreras.com/get-bar-proper-position-hip-thrusts/

    Section 6: Training with the Hip Thruster

    1. Is there a Hip Thruster training program?

    There is not currently a specific training program written for use with the Hip Thruster.

    Bret Contreras, inventor of the Hip Thruster, has co-authored a book called “Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body” (available on Amazon) which contains glute training information relevant to both men and women.

    Bret also runs a training program, Strong by Bret, where you can get total body strength training programs which include training for the glutes.

    Both of these incorporate exercises involving the Hip Thruster so would be good places to start. You can find links to both on his website.

    You can hip thrust quite frequently throughout the week and still recover and get stronger. When you receive your hip thruster unit, we recommend that you utilize variety in your training and incorporate various band, barbell, and single leg hip thrust exercises with different loads and rep ranges if possible in order to achieve the greatest results possible.

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